Happy Birthday Jessica

Written by: Angie Arthur (older sister to Jeff, Danielle’s husband)

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Receiving the phone call of Jessica’s passing was one of the most difficult things our family has ever experienced.  While we all live in Ohio and are only able to visit Danielle and Jeff about once a year, we love those visits and always enjoyed spending time with Diane, Dennis and Jessica whenever possible.

Our four children clearly remember the moments when Jessica would come over to Jeff and Danielle’s house to see us.  Our daughter was enamored by Jessica’s vivacious personality and beautiful smile.  Our two little boys would act completely crazy, fighting with each other for Jessica’s attention…and flirting outrageously.  Jessica always handled their antics so graciously.

All of the kids have responded to Jessica’s death in different ways.  Moving in and out of sadness, spending a lot of time talking about the wonderful things they remember about her, bouts of crying from time to time, and lots of wishes that she was still there waiting to visit with them again when we make our next trip to New Jersey this spring.

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The children and I began talking a month ago about how Jessica’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and they decided that they really wanted to do something special in her memory.  We finally came up with the idea of having a birthday party for Jessica and we invited all of their cousins (who have also all been affected by Jessica’s death to varying degrees) to attend the party that featured Jessica’s favorite color.  We then celebrated our memories of Jessica together.

This video was the result of that celebration and is our gift to Jessica’s family…

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We love you Jessica and miss you every day.  We will always remember you.

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  1. Danielle Roth says

    Thank you so much for this post. It was a beautiful birthday party and tribute. The purple theme is SO Jessica…

  2. Emory O'Mealia says

    What a beautiful tribute to Jessica and a true testament to the love of her family. The spirit that was so special within Jessica is captured and expressed beautifully here. Thinking of Jessica and the entire Fashano network of family and friends today and always.

  3. Craig Vagell says

    What a beautiful and emotional tribute to Jessica. She will forever be remembered by the Vagell Family. Growing up with her was a blessing and I am so happy that I have many memories to keep close to my heart. I wish I could bring you back to see your smile and to hear your laugh. I love you.

  4. Jeff and Danielle,

    I think about and pray for you both every day. Jessica is loved and missed by everyone who knew her. She touched so many lives.

    Love you!

    ~ Andrea

  5. Jennifer Franco says

    This is such a beautiful tribute to Jessica. What a beautiful person she was and it is so heart breaking to see a friend gone but never forgotten. I think about you so much Jessica and miss you. My thoughts and prayers go to all her friends and family. I cherish all my memories with Jessica and know she is in a better place.

  6. Kristen Simmons says

    Jessica touched so many people’s lives and this tribute shows this beautifully. She was a loving, passionate, vivacious person who gave and gave whole-heartedly to others. I’ve always admired Jessica and consider myself incredibly lucky to have had such a special friend.

  7. Lisa lefler says

    It was a gorgeous tribute to a gorgeous girl.

  8. What a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing it with us, and allowing us to celebrate her birthday with you as well.

  9. Bill Williams says

    Thank you for sharing – the slideshow and write-up really captured Jess’s spirit.

  10. Thanks so much for the post Angie. It was a great tribute and meant a lot to my NJ family.

    We look forward to seeing you and all the kids soon!

  11. What a beautiful tribute, Angie! Thinking of you all today and keeping you in my prayers.

  12. Ang, this is so beautifully said and heartfelt.

  13. I didn’t know Jessica, but wish I did. Her smile is so contagious. This site is breathtakingly beautiful—and bursting with emotion. It goes straight to the heart. Rest in peace, Jessica, and watch over your family and friends here on earth.

  14. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to a BEAUTIFUL young woman, to a life well lived. My heart breaks for her family and I pray that the God who created her will comfort her family with His Love, Mercy, and Grace. I will pray for you Diane and Dennis.

  15. I never knew Jessica (I live in Portugal) and I know her story by the news. I read all page, and my God, this girl was an angel. I wish I had known her, because I see her as the person I am. Where we are, we spread happiness and helping others is what gives us more pleasure. I’m sure she’ll be in heaven, because angels belongs to heaven … God is with her … You’re beautiful Jessica!

  16. Darcey Mooney says

    That was just beautiful. Unbelievably touching. I’ve only just met Danielle and see the pain your family is feeling through her.

    What a perfect way to celebrate a life. A way to bring comfort to those closest to her.

    A great tribute.

    Darcey Mooney