Montauk Wedding Memories

Name: Lauren Rossi

Location: Morris Plains, NJ

Relationship to Jessica: Friend to my son and me

I met Jessica when she became friends with my son Nick in middle school in 1994.

Jessica & her lobster, October 2010

Jessica, Lauren, & Kristin at the Rossi Wedding, October 2010


I wanted to share with you my thoughts and memories of the last time I saw Jessica. The night before Nick and Kristen’s wedding, as we celebrated at the rehearsal dinner, Jessica sat with me, Matt, Maggie, my brother Doug, sister in law Renate and Billy Williams. It had been years since Jessica had seen my brother Doug but remembered his crazy sense of humor from times at our house for BBQs. All through dinner Doug referred to Billy as “Billy Billy” and each time he did we heard Jessica’s signature laugh! When the waiter brought Jessica her lobster she picked up the cracker and laughed as she told us she had no idea how to use it. As you can see in the photo she proudly wore her lobster bib.

We spent the night talking and laughing as my brother tried to get her to try some crazy drinks. It had been years since I had the opportunity to spend so much time with Jessica and catch up with her and hear all about her job. I felt so bad for her when she told me that she had a car service picking her up Sunday morning at 4 am because she had a business trip and an early morning flight, she told me she was just going to pull an all-nighter because she didn’t want to miss any of the celebration. We talked about her job and how she enjoyed what she was doing.

The next day at the wedding Jessica looked absolutely beautiful as she greeted guests coming into the church. When we were all back at the reception Jessica grabbed me and said she wanted a picture of us to remember the day, it’s one of my favorite pictures. All night long at the reception I watched Nick, Kristen, and their amazing friends dance the night way without a care in the world, right in the middle of it all was Jessica. Her laugh was contagious and her smile was genuine and sincere.

I am so proud to have known Jessica and I will treasure the memories of Montauk forever. She will be missed. At such a young age Jessica made a huge impact on everyone who knew her.

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  1. Lauren,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of Jessica. You were fortunate to have shared that special time with her at Nick’s wedding. Jessica and our children had an amazing friendship and she is greatly missed. My children and I think of Jess often; she will always be a part of us. Again, thanks for sharing!

  2. Carol,
    Our kids have remained so close for so many years, not many friendships last after high school let alone college and now that they all have careers and are spread out around the country they still are a tight knit group. I was thrilled when Jessica and Billy sat with us at the rehearsal dinner, it had been so long since we had a chance to catch up. Jessica’s laugh is so unique and I will miss hearing it but so happy to have known her. Billy was such a good sport being called “Billy Billy” all night by my brother and each time Jessica let out a snorty laugh that just added to the fun. For someone so young Jessica certainly made a huge impression on everyone she came in contact with. She will truly be missed…