Name: Tina Casale

Location: Morristown, New Jersey

Relationship to Jessica:  Friend

I met Jessica about 10 yrs ago through a friend, Kourtney, and Jess’ sister, Danielle. I work in a salon and waxed their eyebrows!

Jessica, Christmas Eve 2005


I’ll never forget the first time I met Jessica and how beautiful her eyes and her smile were!!!! She always seemed happy and we had a lot of laughs!!! It was always nice to see her and I see her sister all the time who is one of the nicest people!!!! You will be missed Jess!!!


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  1. Danielle Roth says

    I chose to add this photo because 1) it’s a great photo of Jessica and 2) her eyebrows look great! =)

  2. Kourtney Hydock says

    Hi T!
    So nice of you to write a post. Jessica did have the best eyebrows and they look fabulous in this pic- as always.
    Hope you and the boys are doing well.