My Left Side Is My Good Side

Name: Theresa Mazza

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

Relationship to Jessica: Best friend

Jessica and I met in the 6th grade at our school’s wilderness retreat. We were put into groups for lunch and she sat directly across from me. We instantly clicked. Later, when we were all asked to write about our favorite experience from the trip, Jess said hers was meeting me. We were best friends ever since.

Once in a Lifetime

For me, friendships like mine and Jessica’s only come once in lifetime. Sure, we all meet tons of great people who come into our lives, who we click with on various topics, interests and life experiences, but as we all know there is always that one friend that stands above the rest. It’s the friend you can always count on for a meaningful chat; the friend who is the only person to wish you a happy birthday (the day after); the friend you never have to pretend for, the friend who winks at you to acknowledge that they know exactly what you’re thinking and it’s that same friend you roll your eyes back at because they figured it out; it’s the friend that isn’t afraid to tell you you’re “OUT OF YOUR TREE,” and that skinny jeans really may not be most flattering on either of you, or that your eyebrows need waxing- yet again; it’s the friend you love unconditionally and the friend you can’t ever imagine living without. Jess, for me, was that friend. She’s like a once in lifetime cosmic event, never to repeat herself but rather to leave her spectacular, astoundingly beautiful, and monumental mark on the universe and more importantly on my life.

Theresa's first visit to see Jess at Georgetown, 2002


This picture is from my very first trip down to visit Jess at Georgetown in 2002. We both loved this picture so much, that we spent the next 8 years trying to replicate it, often fighting over who got the be on the left side, since it was both our “good side.”  I often had to remind her that in the original it was me!

My Jessbabes,

I miss you more than I could ever show you or tell you. I cherish every moment we ever spent together. Your smile, your laugh and your spirit are forever in my heart. I love you.


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  1. Sandra Mergeanian says

    Theresa, this is a tearjerker! I could relate on so many levels. I did burst out laughing when I read “you’re out of your tree.” I think Jess said that to me about a 1,000 times since I met her, particularly in Sevilla, when she was still getting to know quirky Sandrita. haha Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bill Williams says

    i didn’t realize you met at STOKES, that’s great. Well-written post Maz, thanks

  3. Theresa Mazza says

    Thanks Bill- My English degree sneaks up on me from time to time. Yep Stokes of all places, did it’s job, meant to bring all our schools into one. Sure worked!

  4. Lauren Albert says

    Great post – and I remember this time you visited and this exact picture (I was probably the one who took it lol!). Jess was so excited for you to visit. XOXO

  5. Emily Rathod says

    So sweet, Teresa! I never thought of you or Jess as wilderness girls 🙂