Thanksgiving Eve 2008

Name: Nicole Schwarz

Location: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Relationship to Jessica: Best friend

I met Jess in our 1st grade CCD class.

Kristen, Dana, Chrystie, Nicole, Kourtney, & Jessica at Palm Bar (the night Nicole & Greg met), November 2008

Nicole & Jessica at Nick Rossi's wedding, October 2010


I have one particular memory to share but before I do, I would like to express how blessed I am that Jessica was part of my life. We had so many amazing times together that I could fill books with all of our stories. We grew up playing town soccer and softball together and then, once we started having all the same classes in school, we just got closer and closer. She always inspired me to do my best because she was always so great at everything she did. She really was like a sister to me. Almost all of my memories from the last 15 years of my life have her in them. She even waited 2 months to celebrate her sweet 16, so we could have a joint party and celebrate our birthdays together. She was my best friend in the truest sense of the word.

My memory is from the night I met my fiance, Greg, which I fully attribute to Jessica. It was the night before Thanksgiving in 2008 and of course we have our “high school reunion” where we all get together to hang out. At the time, I worked at Rutgers University and had to stay that night to work a men’s basketball game. By the time I got home, it was late and I was tired. I wasn’t in the mood to go out. I told my mom I was thinking of staying home. Then my mom said, “Come on you have to go out. Jessica will be there and you haven’t seen her in a while. At least go for a little bit to see her!” She was right, I really wanted to see Jess, so I motivated myself and went out.

Mr. Fashano picked me up and Jessica and I went to meet our friends (who I also did want to see for the record)! A little while later, Jessica and I were talking to our friend Dave when this random guy came behind us, put his arms over both of our shoulders and asked, “Why are you talking to this guy?” I turned and saw Greg standing there, wondering who he was and if he actually knew Dave. We started talking (he explained he was Dave’s roommate) and talked the rest of the night…and now, 2 1/2 years later, we’re planning our wedding.

If it weren’t for Jessica, I would not have gone out that night and would never have met Greg. After Greg proposed, Jessica was the first person I called after my mom, sister and grandma. I know she can’t be at our wedding in person, but I know she will be looking down on us with that huge, unforgettable smile on her face. I will miss you forever Jess, I love you so much <3

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