Special Thanks

Creating this site was a journey in love and it would not have been possible without the help of the following people:

• Angie Arthur: Angie is Danielle’s sister-in-law and she was instrumental in creating this website. She worked for us behind-the-scenes with the web and graphic designers and advised on how to make this site look fabulous.  Her love and support has meant so much to us.

Debbie from Lagniappe Marketing:   Debbie is the genius behind the coding, layout and set-up of Jessica’s website.  She graciously donated her time and talent to create a site that is personal yet professional.  She was with us every step of the way, giving guidance and sharing tips to help us create the best site possible.  We truly could not have taken on this project without her help and expertise.

Misti Tracy:  Misti is the graphic designer who created all of the graphics you see on this site.  We sent her the beautiful photo Jeff took of Jessica walking through the forest and asked her to come up with an idea.  When she sent us the completed banner for the top of Jessica’s site we knew it was absolutely the perfect look for what we were picturing in our minds.  After that she continued to work to create a pleasing, cohesive design that pulled the whole site together.

And of course, thank you for supporting our family.  We are looking forward to reading all of your submissions!