Hilarious Fashano Dinners

Name: Jeff Roth

Location: Denville, New Jersey

Relationship to Jessica: Brother-in-law

I met Jessica in 2000 when I started dating Danielle. She was 17, and it was the summer before her junior year of high school.

Danielle, Jessica, & Jeff, Summer 2001

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The summer I met Danielle, I was a little nervous about being introduced to Jessica because I was told she had tough standards for who should go out with her sister.  Fortunately, she took it easy on me and treated me with nothing but kindness from the start.  That fall, even though Danielle was studying in Spain, Jessica made sure that we had little party at the Fashano house on my birthday.  Having moved from Ohio after college, it was great to have a place in New Jersey where I felt at home.

My favorite memory is of all the times we sat around the dinner table, usually eating pasta with homemade “Italian gravy.”  Even when Jessica was in high school and studied non-stop, she would always come down to the kitchen to eat with her family.  Everyone who knew Jessica talks a lot about her laugh, but amplify that several times over and you have a typical Fashano dinner.  I can’t quite describe it but someone would say something funny, and Jessica would raise her arms and let her silverware plop to the table.  She would then bust out her classic laugh, but not before pausing for dramatic effect and getting this look on her face that would make everyone immediately start rolling with laughter.

It is in such times of laughter and joy that I miss Jessica most, thinking about what she would say and how she would react, and feeling a deep sense of regret that our happiest moments will be experienced without her.

A Ring Bearer’s Crush

Name: Janine Scandlon

Location: Medina, Ohio

Relationship to Jessica: Sister-in-law

Danielle, Jessica’s sister, married my brother, Jeff Roth.

Danielle & Jeff's Wedding Party (Kent is Ring Bearer, in front of Jessica), October 17, 2004

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I met Jessica for the first time while Jeff and Danielle were dating. Over the years, we would re-connect with Jessica when we would visit my brother in NJ. During the summer of 2004, Jessica and Mrs. Fashano drove to Ohio for a bridal shower that was being given for Danielle. My husband is a building contractor and we had just built and moved into our new home. Danielle asked if we would give them a “tour” of the house.

When they arrived at our home, my then four year old son, Kent, suddenly became possessed. It took me awhile to figure out that he had been struck by the age-old male need to show off for a beautiful girl. He was completely smitten by Jessica and proceeded to do flips, roll down stairs, jump off of dressers, make goofy faces and loud noises. Anything he could do to get Jessica’s attention. While he can be quite a bundle of energy on a good day, this was completely over the top.

Jessica just laughed and took it in stride. I can only imagine what Mrs. Fashano and Jessica were thinking. This completely possessed, strutting peacock was to be Danielle’s ring bearer. They probably had images of flips and rolls down the aisle of the wedding ceremony. Needless to say, upon threats of no t.v. for life and anything else we could think of, Kent managed to keep his infatuation for Jessica under control during the wedding and behaved very gentlemanly. Jessica holds fond memories for me as she was my son’s “first crush.”

Happy Birthday Jessica

Written by: Angie Arthur (older sister to Jeff, Danielle’s husband)

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Receiving the phone call of Jessica’s passing was one of the most difficult things our family has ever experienced.  While we all live in Ohio and are only able to visit Danielle and Jeff about once a year, we love those visits and always enjoyed spending time with Diane, Dennis and Jessica whenever possible.

Our four children clearly remember the moments when Jessica would come over to Jeff and Danielle’s house to see us.  Our daughter was enamored by Jessica’s vivacious personality and beautiful smile.  Our two little boys would act completely crazy, fighting with each other for Jessica’s attention…and flirting outrageously.  Jessica always handled their antics so graciously.

All of the kids have responded to Jessica’s death in different ways.  Moving in and out of sadness, spending a lot of time talking about the wonderful things they remember about her, bouts of crying from time to time, and lots of wishes that she was still there waiting to visit with them again when we make our next trip to New Jersey this spring.

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The children and I began talking a month ago about how Jessica’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and they decided that they really wanted to do something special in her memory.  We finally came up with the idea of having a birthday party for Jessica and we invited all of their cousins (who have also all been affected by Jessica’s death to varying degrees) to attend the party that featured Jessica’s favorite color.  We then celebrated our memories of Jessica together.

This video was the result of that celebration and is our gift to Jessica’s family…

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We love you Jessica and miss you every day.  We will always remember you.