Hilarious Fashano Dinners

Name: Jeff Roth Location: Denville, New Jersey Relationship to Jessica: Brother-in-law I met Jessica in 2000 when I started dating Danielle. She was 17, and it was the summer before her junior year of high school. © jessicafashano.com The summer I met … Continue reading

A Ring Bearer’s Crush

Name: Janine Scandlon Location: Medina, Ohio Relationship to Jessica: Sister-in-law Danielle, Jessica's sister, married my brother, Jeff Roth. © jessicafashano.com I met Jessica for the first time while Jeff and Danielle were dating. Over the years, we would … Continue reading

My Left Side Is My Good Side

Name: Theresa Mazza Location: Hoboken, New Jersey Relationship to Jessica: Best friend Jessica and I met in the 6th grade at our school's wilderness retreat. We were put into groups for lunch and she sat directly across from me. We instantly clicked. Later, when we were all … Continue reading

Spanish Sisters

Name: Natalia Serrano Location: Los Angeles, California Relationship to Jessica: Friend/Fellow Trianera/Part of her extended Spain family Jess and I were connected by our Spanish host family in 2004-05. We eventually met in New York a year later and then had a fabulous … Continue reading

Jessica’s Patented 110%

Name: Christopher Powell Location: New York, New York Relationship to Jessica: Friend Jessica and I have been friends since college at Georgetown. © jessicafashano.com Every time I think of Jess, the first thing that comes to mind is that big bright … Continue reading


Name: Tina Casale Location: Morristown, New Jersey Relationship to Jessica:  Friend I met Jessica about 10 yrs ago through a friend, Kourtney, and Jess' sister, Danielle. I work in a salon and waxed their eyebrows! © jessicafashano.com I'll never forget the first … Continue reading


Name: Kourtney Hydock Location: Mendham, New Jersey Relationship to Jessica: Best friend I’ve known Jessica for 25 years.  We grew up together on Forest Way. © jessicafashano.com My nearest & dearest friend Jessica: Where to begin...I always envied the … Continue reading

Roommate and Forever Friend

Name: Jenny Kraemer Location: Chicago, Illinois Relationship to Jessica: Forever Friend and Roommate I met Jessica 10 years ago at Georgetown University. © jessicafashano.com © jessicafashano.com Jessica. We remember her laugh, her huge heart and the … Continue reading

Girls Trip to Greece

Name: Lauren Albert Location: Boston, Massachusetts Relationship to Jessica: Georgetown and post-college roommate I’ve known Jess for 9 years. We met on our first day of college – she lived across the hall from me, and we were pretty much attached at the hip for the rest of … Continue reading

Tres Dedos

Name: Sandra Mergeanian Location: New York, New York Relationship to Jessica: Friend I met Jess the first day we arrived in Sevilla, Spain for our study abroad experience in January 2004. We clicked instantaneously and have been very close friends ever since. © … Continue reading