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If you have a story, memory, or tribute you would like to share, please send it so that we can feature your contribution on this website.  You may send as many memories as you would like, but please share each memory separately.  If possible, include a photo of you and Jessica with your submission.  It would be great if the photograph is from approximately the same time as your story.

Story suggestions:

• Send a photo and share with everyone the “behind the scenes” story about Jessica.

• A series of photos that were taken on the same day along with the story behind the photos.

• A funny or touching memory of Jessica.

• The story of how you and Jessica met and the impact she had on your life.

• Anything else you would like to share about Jessica.

Please use the form below.  To attach multiple photos, you will need to save them in a zip file and use the second option to attach them to your submission.

Please Note: All fields are mandatory.

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  • Enter your memory of Jessica into the field above. The text can be as long or as short as you choose.
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    Please use this option if you'd like to send us more than one photo. Click on the browse button and then locate a zip file of your images on your computer. The file will attach to your story when you click submit. Please note that uploads are limited to a maximum of 2MB.
  • Due to spam submissions, we require you to fill in the above code so that we will know you are a real person.

Thank you so much for your contribution.  The memories that you share mean so much to our family.


To submit your memory through e-mail click here.

Please use the following format:

Full Name:

Location: (City, State/Country)

Relationship to Jessica:

When/where you met or how long you knew Jessica:

Your story, memory, or tribute:

Please attach any photos.  Indicate the approximate date and location of where the photo was taken, names of all people in the photo, and send each memory in a separate e-mail.